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Iggy the Dragon

The adventures of the UCSA mascot and Canterbury student Iggy, made by Andrew Kepple for the magazine CANTA.

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Comics & Movie

The comics starring an initially unnamed red dragon were first printed in CANTA, the magazine of the UCSA (University of Canterbury Students' Association), and later appeared on the TmsT website. Using a dragon as the UCSA's mascot was the idea of Amy McDermott, then Clubs Development Officer. The character was eventually given the name Ignatius the Incinerator, or Iggy for short.

The cartoons follow Iggy's adventures at UC over the course of a university year. Like the 2004 Student Diary cartoons that were created by Andrew before Iggy the Dragon, they include many inside references, though quite a few things are explained in Andrew's notes.

The following two episodes of Iggy the Dragon are missing, though you can read Andrew's notes.

Dodgy Duck, known from the 2004 Student Diary cartoons, returned in episode 20, which was intended as a teaser for the Flash animation Ignatius versus Dodgy.

After the success with Iggy the Dragon, Andrew was asked to make more comics for the 2005 Student Diary. However, he was running out of (good) ideas and didn't manage to come up with the sufficient number of cartoons. His work was rejected, but nonetheless, Andrew made the three "less-lame" ones available online.

Additionally, Iggy makes a guest appearance in the Goodbye, Cruel World! episode "The Halloweening of Ignatius the Incinerator".

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More illustrations of Iggy and Dodgy:

Upon hearing that the student watering hole at the UCSA was about to get its name changed to "Iggy's", Andrew posted some mock-up screenshots of an "improved" Ignatius versus Dodgy.

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