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The Pokémorons Zone

Under the name "Ash Tray", Andrew Kepple ran an anti-Pokémon site founded in late 1999 for nearly a year. More information can be found in the article "A Brief History of TPZ", written by Andrew in October 2000, which I mirrored. He called The Pokémorons Zone his first ever successful website.

Croakémon | Psykomon | Art Gallery | Miscellaneous


It started out with "Croakémon", where visitors could "kill" certain Pokémon and view animated GIFs of such events. Only three Croakémon entries are still fully working, including the original one, Butterfree.

There are some more Croakémon graphics of "live" Pokémon. If you would like to see them, even though the most important part is missing, here they are:
Jigglypuff, Diglett, Psyduck 1, Psyduck 2, Doduo, Bulbasaur 1, Bulbasaur 2

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The site featured Andrew's very first webcomic, Psykomon! When Pikachu Goes Bad, a twisted and non-child-friendly parody of the multimedia franchise, its anime series in particular. Pages 1 to 3 are missing one frame each, while pages 4 and 5 lack all their images.

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Art Gallery

Another part of the site was the Art Gallery, where Andrew presented anti-Pokémon pictures by himself and other people. 22 of Andrew's 26 works survive.

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The site's banner contains a cartoon, while in TPZ's sidebar, each section is represented by a small icon. Hold the mouse pointer over an option and the image will change. It doesn't work for "Software Archive" (only one image remains) and "Antipoke Purity Test" (no image archived).

Photos of Andrew in the role of Pokémon killer Ash Tray were also included.

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