"The Iggy Movie Trailer" (Printed: Wednesday, September 8 (I think), CANTA Issue 20)

The Previewing

At last, it all comes together! Check out the UCSA Diary Comics starring Dodgy Duck if you haven't already. Okay, so Dodgy wasn't technically going to be the original UCSA Clubs Mascot, but his diary-cartoon antics were the reason that I was contacted to come up with a cartoon dragon mascot in the first place.

After committing to this plan of action (a movie), I had about three weeks to come up with the goods.

And here it is:

Too Much Spare Time animation presents...

Ignatius versus Dodgy
Click here for the movie!


Click here for a higher sound quality version.

RECOMMENDATION: This movie has SOUND, DIALOGUE and MUSIC. Do not attempt to watch it on the computers at uni, because they have no sound, and you'll also be paying to download the movie, which is about 5MB (the hi quality version being even bigger). So for best results, find somebody who has a computer with a sound card, and steal it borrow that machine to watch "Ignatius versus Dodgy". Or you could just ignore my advice and face the consequences. Enjoy!

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