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Self-Caricatures and Photos

Andrew Kepple has created lots of caricatures of himself over time. On this page, you can find the self-caricatures not seen in other sections (except for the two Flash ones, which are also part of the Flash page). Also, some selected (partially modified) photos of the artist, including still frames.

The five caricatures released "by 2002" all represented sections of the TmsT website back then.

More self-caricatures can be found in multiple other sections, such as the Caricature Gallery. A cartoon version of Andrew appears as a character in multiple episodes of Goodbye, Cruel World! And can you find him in the picture of the Cosi Cast, without looking at the legend?

Photos predating those seen above were part of The Pokémorons Zone, namely the photos of "Ash Tray". Multiple photos can also be found in the PCKF Archive, which are all in some way related to Commander Keen. The picture taken at the 2007 end-of-year FAS exhibition is worth noting, too.

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