Back-To-School Spesh!
The MADCAPs (Printed: Wednesday, September 29*1, CANTA Issue 23, 2004)

The Maddening

The Capping

The MADCAPs - the University of Canterbury performing arts societies' version of the Oscars, complete with trophies, glamour, and crazy whack-o conspiracy theories about it all being rigged. ;)
As well as being present in the form of various images (above) projected onto the screen behind the awards podium, Iggy's presence was made in the form of Ignatius versus Dodgy, the animated movie. It was very much enjoyed, and looked good on the big projection screen too.
Also, since the theme was medieval, I built myself an Iggy hat/mask earlier that day, thereby transforming into an incarnation of Iggy himself.
Ahh. Good times.

*1: Yes, this was before the MADCAPs, to remind people of it. This date does not apply to the projected images, obviously, which were drawn pretty much during the day before the awards night.

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