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Below is an excerpt from thisstrife.com/sluggy/tmstdec04.htm.

04/12/04 (Visitor Counter=113,766): Iggy beats the Aussies!
Hooray!02 DECEMBER 2004


Ignatuis1 the Dragon (a.k.a Iggy) has been awarded the "Best New Innovation or New Idea at the 2004 ACUMA awards", an award competed for by 50 Australasian campus unions attending the gala ceremony in Canberra last night.
A number of delegates were tempted to steal Iggy however were thwarted by Phil Ryan who collected the award on Iggy's behalf last night after ensuring that Iggy was safely tucked up for the night.
Phil Ryan was quoted as saying that "Iggy, his fans and colleagues would be ecstatic at his win in what was his first year since breaking out of his shell".
Phil also took the opportunity to thank Amy McDermott and Andrew Kepple who were instrumental in Iggy's development.


(1. That should be "Ignatius". They made a typo in the press release. Typical.)

I received this in a forwarded email today. It seems that my little Iggy is quite famous now. Okay, okay, the UCSA's little Iggy. The "stealing" that was referred to is the plush "decoy" Iggy made as a mascot for UCSA representation at university events.
Now would be a good time to take a browse through the Iggy archives, as I hereby announce my plans to put all of them - plus the other strips, which I haven't uploaded, and a few extra goodies - into a book and pitch it to the UCSA to mass-produce. Wish me luck.