24/08/04: Ignatius the Racist (Printed: June 2, CANTA Issue 12)

The Censoring

At about the time that this cartoon was printed, it was highly fashionable to demonstrate how politically correct you were by bashing other people for being racists. This was started by politicans who decided to gang up on Don Brash and label him "racist" as a distraction from their own racism (probably). Perhaps Don Brash was racist, perhaps not, I don't really care. I was fed up with all the boring "YOU RACIST BASTARD!" Letters to the Editor that kept flowing into CANTA, in which students had caught the bash-the-racist bug, and were hurling the word "racism" at each other with gay abandon.

This cartoon appeared in a special edition of CANTA that addressed the issue of racism in Christchurch - labelled as the most racist city in NZ. I don't know who came up with that statistic, but why should they stop there? Maybe they should find out which is the most racist COUNTRY while they're at it? And then announce the most racist NATIONALITY... or even the most racist RACE, too? That would make sense.
And now if you'll excuse me, I have to go and call somebody a racist and then beat them up, just to stop somebody accusing ME of being racist.

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