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More Stuff

Enjoy dozens of more pieces by Andrew Kepple in the archive's last section.

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On New Year's Day 2002, Andrew introduced the revamped TmsT website. Among the new contents were a diary or semi-blog called "Andrew's Boring Life" (ABL) and a graphical main menu. The TmsTville map includes various GIF animations, hold the mouse pointer over different spots and see what happens. The original version of the menu has not been archived, but it probably looked virtually the same, with the exception of King Sluggy who was only added later.

In March 2003, TmsTville was replaced by a new main menu with smaller graphics. Again, graphics change by hovering over them, but in three cases, only one of the two images is available, so it won't work for those.

By the way, have you found the secret animation in TmsTville? If you can't find it or don't bother to search, mark the following white text: Hold your mouse pointer over the "Acme Popcorn" building for a while. After about half a minute, something will happen...

By January 2004, the menu was changed again, featuring a webcam snapshot while most graphical links got replaced by text-based ones. A Flash-based main menu was introduced in April 2005. You can access the different versions below. It was updated two times to include new parts of the TmsT network. All the links within the Flash menu are dead now.

The TmsT presence that was established on in September 2007 also had a Flash-based menu, which is unavailable.

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All Your Base (Zero Wing)

In March 2005, Andrew released his Flash music video Zero Wing Rhapsody, which features a recreation of the intro of the video game Zero Wing, origin of the phrase "All your base are belong to us." A few days later, Andrew posted several wallpapers and icons derived from his work on the TmsT site.

The first of the following images, a sketch of the character CATS, predates the Flash movie's release and was used for a page where Andrew gathered All Your Base parodies by other people and himself.

Note that the first two icons of headbanging CATS contain rapidly flashing colours. You have to click them to see them animated.

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Dragons of the World

The following large pictures of dragons from various mythologies were made by Andrew for a client.

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Everything Else

Various cartoons, posters, sketches and other works that don't fall under sequential art. And two animated GIFs. Also, image manipulations, though I didn't include many of them.

More works related to Commander Keen can be found in the PCKF Archive.

Well, that's all, folks. I hope you enjoyed your stay at the TmsT Vintage Archive. If you liked what you saw, you will love Andrew Kepple's recent creations, so go check them out. You already have, I suppose.

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