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Freelance Animation School

From 2005 to 2007, Andrew Kepple was an animation student at the Freelance Animation School, also referred to as Freelance Art School, in Auckland. Various works he created on his way to becoming a professional animator were made available by him on the Internet.

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A major assignment of first-year student Andrew was to design a human superhero based on himself, at least facially. He posted some sketches of choosing a superpower/costume/superhero-name.

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Andrew made some of his surreal doodles, scribbles and sketches from the first year available, which aren't just by-products. In the case of "Orbital Oddities", it isn't mentioned whether it was made at school, but at least it dates to the same period.

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Zeke McGraw-McGraw

As a first-year student, Andrew was selected to attend three workshops on making maquettes. The character to be sculpted was first drawn, with Andrew designing a redneck character whose full name is Ezekiel Billy-Bob McGraw-McGraw III. He created a poster featuring Zeke and two relatives as well as their horse, too. Check out the DeviantArt page to learn more about the family.

Andrew also posted information on the two workshops that followed. The maquette was eventually completed, and a turnaround animation of the sculpture in Flash format was made.

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The following artwork is from an assignment of the second year: Character design for an adaption of the fairy tale Rapunzel.

These pictures demonstrate different perspectives.

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Other Works

The first major assignment was about turning an animal into an animated character concept design, a giraffe in Andrew's case.

A T. rex named Tyrannosaurus Roy was Andrew's first character design of the second year. Other works from the same year include a caricature of actor Owen Wilson and a short silent animation called Ping Pong.

A photo taken at the end-of-year exhibition of the final year shows Andrew in front of his display board. I received the image from PCKF member Levellass. Andrew's diploma animation is titled A Sack Full Of Kittens, of which the poster artwork was also posted by him, while the completed animation only became publicly available in August 2008.

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