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Post-Ironic Pig

Andrew Kepple's The Cheesy Capers of Post-Ironic Pig! comics feature anthropomorphic animals, including the eponymous pig character, and take the mickey out of 1930s black-and-white animated cartoons. While Andrew's cartoons are also in black and white and contain (almost) no dialogue, they are set in the modern world.

Four out of nine episodes are available (the fifth is missing a single image). In the case of the series' finale, many frames are animated, just hover over them.

You can view all of the site's pages, except for that of episode 8 (posted March 2002), but the other episodes' pages contain broken images, though there are a few preview pictures in the Cartoon Archive. The latter also included a link to Andrew's guest comic for Living in Greytown by Dave Kelly. However, said webcomic is no longer freely accessible. The music that accompanied Post-Ironic Pig is also missing.

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