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Other Comics

Can't get enough of classic comics by Andrew Kepple? Here are some more.

Standalone Comics | 24-Hour & 24-Minute Comics | The Pencil Case Pals | Previews | web comix suck | Guest Comics

Standalone Comics

These pieces appeared on the TmsT site and are not part of a webcomc series.

In June 2004, Andrew tutored a cartooning workshop in Christchurch. Four participants and the tutor created an eight-page comic titled The Backpackers!, which was made public by Andrew. Only one of the images has been archived.

Andrew created a comic version of his film Jedi Springer, using lots of still frames. Check out the Live-Action Films section for more info, or view it right here.

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24-Hour & 24-Minute Comics

These works are also standalone stories, but stand out for being created in response to a challenge. The challenge of making a 24-page comic within 24 continuous hours was invented by American cartoonist Scott McCloud.

The 24-hour comic titled The Lost Valley of the Fridges was created in September 2001. All what's left are the title logo and one full page. And Andrew's notes until page 6.

Another 24-hour comic is Aliens Stole My Homework from November 2002. Again, little is remaining, namely pages 1 and 4 and the notes until page 4.

The 24-minute comic, a comic made up of 24 panels created in 24 minutes, is New Zealand cartoonist Brent Willis' variation on the 24-hour comic challenge. Andrew drew such a comic titled A Weapon of X-mass Destruction in December 2004. In this case, only one of the 24 images is missing.

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The Pencil Case Pals

A webcomic that stars cute animals and is written in broken English. Andrew was inspired by Japanese pencil case designs, and turned it into something violent and disturbing. However, only two frames of the first episode of The Pencil Case Pals are left, which don't make too much sense on their own, but you might like to see them nonetheless.

Nothing remains of the second episode, "Vistors From Uranus" (2003-06-13).

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Andrew has also created comics only intended for commercial publication rather being available on the Internet for free. Nonetheless, small parts of such works can be found below.

Many of the anthologies published by Funtime Comics since 2000 include at least one comic by Andrew. He made the cover artwork for issue 16 of Funtime Comics Presents, a scan of which you can view. The earlier web presence of Funtime Comics includes lists of contents of that and other old issues.

The comic book Vaultman and Stuff was created in cooperation with fellow New Zealand cartoonist Jason Lennie and comes with multiple works by each artist. The cover and a few snippets appeared in Andrew's diary.

The spooky and wordless 24-page graphic novel titled The Fisherman was drawn solely by Andrew. An excerpt of one of the pages was posted on his site. A page aimed at people who purchased the work contains background information.

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web comix suck

Almost all webcomics suck. At least that's what Andrew stated in January 2001, when he launched Goodbye, Cruel World!, intended to be a "non-sucky" alternative. In some episodes, he parodied the "typical" webcomics. Specifically, those parodies can be seen in "CTHUMP!", "Life In Suckville", and "The Sucky Episode". There was also a short-lived spin-off called The ASCIIs, based on the strip found in "CTHUMP", though only its last episode survives.

In January 2003, Andrew a.k.a. King Sluggy created the topic "web comix suck" in the forum of This Strife, where members were encouraged to post intentionally "sucky" three-panel comic strips. The Strifers posted a lot of strips, including the following two surviving ones by Andrew. The third image was posted in Andrew's diary.


In the above-mentioned forum thread, the Strifer Gilles Vandenoostende a.k.a. Cholerae posted multiple Goth-themed comics based on the WCS formula. Other members, including Andrew, also created strips using Gilles's graphics. Gothboy, as it is named, evolved into a webcomic with more than 300 episodes at the time of its discontinuation. Not too many are left, though. You can find all available Gothboy comics on NY00123's Selected Strife Contents.

Gothboy Gets Halloweened, a Gothboy Flash animation by Andrew, came out on Halloween 2003. It was followed by two more Gothboy movies, namely A Very Gothboy Christmas and Halloweened Part 2, both of them animated by Gilles. Andrew and his pal Corey Matthews performed the lyrics for the Christmas movie. All three works are intended for mature audiences.

A Web Comics Suck section was eventually added to This Strife in August 2003, where everyone could upload their comics. Only two strips remain that were definitely part of it, which can be found on Selected Strife Contents. The makers are unknown.

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Guest Comics

Andrew not only accepted guest comics by TmsT fans for Goodbye, Cruel World! and The Chasm of Strife, he has also contributed such works to the webcomics of other artists himself.

Among the many episodes of Dave Kelly's Living in Greytown is Andrew's guest comic, made in the style of his own then-active webcomic, Post-Ironic Pig. The following frame is taken from the Post-Ironic Pig site. Most of Living in Greytown is no longer freely accessible, so that's all I can show you.

When Joe England, author of Zebra Girl, requested guest comics by his readers in late 2002, Andrew was among those who submitted one. With advertisement for Goodbye, Cruel World!

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