Iggy's Consciences (Printed: July 21, CANTA Issue 15)

The Influencing

Ten points to anyone who could spot the satanic subliminal message in the actual printed version.

Term 3 marked the beginning of a time of strife for the Iggy comics. With the new printing company, the deadline for submissions to the magazine was bumped back to the Tuesday instead of the Wednesday (but the Canta staff were always very nice about letting me get stuff done late), and their printing process was slightly different to the previous printers': The 4 colour plates of the new printers were not aligned very well, and printing cartoons as I had done up until now therefore produced blurry, nigh-unreadable cartoons that could probably cause migraines. This meant that from then on, I had to do all sorts of crazy formatting to my cartoons before submitting them to Canta. But we got there in the end, and I must say that the paper quality of the new printers is much nicer than the previous lot. So, no more nasty chafing.

But seriously, folks...

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