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Scapegoat is a parody of the television series Stargate SG-1, created by Andrew Kepple and his younger brother, Donald Kepple. The first two cartoons were already made in December 2000, I don't know if they were also available online at the time. Eleven episodes of the first series, titled Scapegoat - SG1: The Uboonian Revolution, were posted in total, the following five remain.

Not long after the first series' finale, a sequel series named Scapgegoat - SG2: Attack of the Drones was launched by the Kepple Brothers. Three episodes were released, only the first one is available.

The following picture isn't an actual part of Scapegoat, but I thought it fits well here. It was posted by Andrew shortly before the start of the second series, More than half a year later, he got Stargate actor Don S. Davis to sign a copy of it at a convention, namely the Armageddon Pulp Culture Expo in Wellington.

These are the missing episodes of both series of Scapegoat:

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