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Welcome to the TmsT Vintage Archive! Enjoy your stay.

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Important Notice

Before you continue, please read the following:

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Andrew Kepple ( is a varied artist from New Zealand (Aotearoa), known for his work as an animator, cartoonist, composer, musician, and game creator, among other skills. By September 1999, then 19 years old, he started to use the label TooMuchSpareTime, abbreviated TmsT, for his creations, which also acts as a screenname of Andrew. Other handles include TheOddKepple, King Sluggy and Smorgasboredom.

At the TmsT Vintage Archive, you can find hundreds of works by Andrew that were made available online between 1999 and 2007, or at least created by 2007, the year when he graduated from the Freelance Animation School and officially became a professional animator. The site is not intended to contain every single piece posted by him during said timespan. It primarily focuses on the TmsT comics and cartoons (the non-Flash kind), and in that case, I included almost everything I found. Flash animations that are not among those available on Albino Blacksheep and Newgrounds can also be found here, as well as other content.

I first learned about TmsT on the Public Commander Keen Forum (PCKF), more specifically its now-defunct ezboard incarnation (2000–2007), where Andrew was among the most productive members. In 2021, I asked him whether I could add his available Commander Keen-related works to the then upcoming fanart section of the PCKF Archive, a site intended to gather content by PCKF members and other fans of the classic computer games.

Most of the TmsT web presences (not counting Andrew's content on ABS and NG) that were launched between 1999 and 2004 went offline by 2009. Fortunately, the Internet Archive and other archives preserved large parts of them before that happened. While I scanned said archives for Commmander Keen-related content, I came accross a lot of other nice stuff, and thought that it would be neat to have a dedicated place for the other pieces, too. Finding specific content was often rather complicated, with one having to switch around between all those URLs and snapshots and – in the case of GeoCities – multiple archives. And many times it was just another disappointing broken image.

One day, I decided to make the TmsT Vintage Archive so that there would finally be an easy way to access the ancient TmsT artifacts. The project turned out to be much bigger than I had expected, but I was very pleased when it was done.

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Below the name of almost every work, you will see at least one of these little icons, which are links. This is what they mean:

The date above a work's name refers to its public release on the Internet, according to my knowledge. Some were created years before Andrew posted them, while others first appeared in printed media. I don't guarantee that the dates are correct. They most commonly relate to New Zeland time, but some might not.

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Banner & Background

The characters seen in the banner are the members of the Cheesy Family, taken from a Goodbye, Cruel World! episode titled "The Story So Far". I rearranged things, drew a speech bubble intended to resemble those used in Andrew's comics of the time, and added the logo.

For the background, I used nine characters from different TmsT works. From left to right, top to bottom:

I took inspiration from certain backgrounds created by Andrew for This Strife, but made it monochrome so that it's both more "vintage" and less distracting.

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Thanks go to:

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The more than 500 pieces of the TmsT Vintage Archive are spread over the following 18 sections:

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