24/09/04: A President gets im-PETE-ch'd!
"Post Martin" (Printed: July 28, CANTA Issue 16)

The Squabbling

This one was not taken well by the student executive, whom, as the CANTA editor informed me, were still "a little sensitive" after Pete Martin got voted off the island (so to speak). Apparently there was some debate behind my back about whether or not this comic would actually go to print, and my "director" (as I suppose the most appropriate title would be) Amy got in a bit of trouble with the exec since she is friends with Pete Martin and isn't supposed to make fun of him when he's down.
But it got printed anyway, and Luke Di Somma (the short one) thought it was hilarious. Also I'm quite pleased with how expressive Iggy's unspeaking face seems in this cartoon.

Stay tuned for Iggy's Presidential Election Campaign Spesh!

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