The Hatching!

This was the first of a series of cartoons that I am being commissioned to do for the University of Canterbury Students' Association for their latest publicity scheme. A scheme involving a dragon mascot, whose cartoon adventures would be printed in full colour (yes, I'm spoiled aren't I!) each week in the student magazine CANTA.

In hindsight, I probably shouldn't've made the mascot "come out of his shell with the aid of a beer bottle". The symbolism would probably get frowned upon by the people in charge. But they didn't seem to mind. Woohoo. Maybe I can have more artistic freedom than I'd thought. Muahaha!
Anyway, the idea was the introduce the idea of a competition to name the dragon. Here's the one that appeared in CANTA the following week, just in time for Clubs Day:

The Clubbing!

Enrolment was a complete mess this year, with the univerity's new Vice Chancellor somewhat overzealously abolishing enrolment days in favour of "electronic enrolment". A computer broke down. With no enrolment days put aside, students came back to uni and had to queue up in lines hundreds upon hundreds of metres long. It was like nothing ever seen before, not even the opening of LOTR.
Anyway. Cartoon number three: More clubs day stuff, and a cheesy punchline, this time.

The Eating!

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