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20th-Century Flashbacks

Andrew Kepple created cartoons long before posting content on the Internet. A section of his website called "Old Cartoons" or "Flashbacks" contained more than 30 works created in the 20th century, which were made available between 2000 and 2003. The following cartoons have been archived.

Some of the 1990s characters later reappeared in Andrew's webcomics. The character called Cyril the Squirrel was reused for Post-Ironic Pig. Noel Lemming, after a makeover, became a main character of Goodbye, Cruel World!, while Tony the Toenail "presented" both of the aforementioned series.

There are several other old cartoons that were not added to the page mentioned above. The Rudolf comic disappeared from the Web when GeoCities deleted one of Andrew's earliest accounts, but he eventually reposted it under the "Flashbax" label in 2004, together with the other Christmas-themed comic. The Noel Lemming cartoon is notable for being the only one in this section that was drawn completely on computer.

Okay, only one of the "childhood stories" includes an illustration, the rest is text-only. Whatever. While we are at it, Andrew also posted a longer story he wrote as a 15-year old:
The Story of Little-White-Riding-Sleeping-Cinder-Gretel-Locks and the Seven Dwarfs (1995, posted 2004-06-14)

Additionally, a scanned 1999 cartoon can be found on the "More Stuff" page, namely "'No More Fees' Merchandise", which was put online not long after its creation.

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