26/09/04: Iggy the Luck Dragon
"Black Friday" (Printed: Wednesday, August 11, CANTA Issue 18)

The Charming

It was shortly after this comic was published that it suddenly dawned on me that Iggy actually WAS cursed.
Y'see, earlier this year, I had made an Iggy comic that starred UCSA President Pete Martin. Later, Pete's executive committee gave a vote of no confidence and he resigned.
In that VERY SAME COMIC, John The-Security-Guy Spencer also starred. Much later, he announced that the era of John would be coming to an end, with his resignation at the end of this year.

Clubs Development Officer Amy starred in this Black Friday comic.

Maybe not her face, but evidently her hand was sufficient to make her too fall to the curse of the Iggy comic.

Shortly before this comic was printed, Amy surprised a lot of people (myself included) by announcing that she would resign just after the end of Term 3. What would this mean for the future of Iggy as the clubs mascot? After all, it was her idea to get me to invent a dragon mascot, and she was the one who told me what sort of things Iggy should get up to during the year. What would happen now?
Iggy's future became clouded.

Would the new CDO ditch Iggy? Would our little dragon friend cease to exist? Would I still get paid for these cartoons?

These questions and more, answered soon.

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