02/07/04: (Printed: May 5, CANTA Issue 8)


I remember waking up on Wednesday morning and lying in bed til about lunchtime trying to think of an idea for that week's Iggy cartoon, due in at 5pm on Wednesday. Eventually I got up and sat at my desk for a bit, awaiting inspiration to strike. It didn't. Instead, it slowly oozed onto me, as a germ of an idea festered and grew in my mind: A student-oriented story based on the "Twas the Night before Christmas" poem.
Writing the poem itself took less time than the actual drawing, which was finally completed just after the deadine. Phew!

One week after my comic was printed, the academic services department (or somthing) printed a column in CANTA, in which they too did a spoof of the same poem that I had ripped off, except theirs was offering helpful and friendly advice on how to do essays and pass exams and whatnot. And the meter was kind of messed up and the rhyming was worse than EMINEM lyrics. But still, it amused me somewhat, as the panicked scurrying of ants amuses a kid who has poked at their colony with a stick.

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