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Caricature Gallery

In May 2006, a new section named the Caricature Gallery (Wayback Machine link) was added to the TmsT website. Andrew Kepple presented selected caricatures made by him over the course of multiple years. They are of people he knows or met as well as celebrities. The page was updated several times.

For many of the following images, I don't know if they were publicly available on the Internet before their inclusion in the Caricature Gallery. Also, not all pieces have been archived.

These two images were not actually part of the Caricature Gallery, but since they are alternate versions of artwork seen above, I also included them here.

The following caricatures are taken from the Flash animation Geeks in Love (2006-02-14).

A caricature-heavy Flash animation that was also included, Best Friends, is now available on Albino Blacksheep.

The two pictures below were apparently also intended to be part of the Caricature Gallery, but Andrew was no longer able to access the FTP server after March 2007.

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