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Flash Animations

Before 2003, Andrew Kepple created a number of GIF animations, such as the "Croakémon" cruelties and the adventures of Mulletboy. A new era in TmsT history began in early 2003, the era of Flash animation. Most of Andrew's Flash works released under the TmsT label can be found on Albino Blacksheep and Newgrounds (games on separate NG page). With three exceptions, the TmsT Vintage Archive only includes the Flash animations found on neither site. But you can find a link collection for animations released between 2003 and 2007 in the last section of this page. Note that other sections also include some of the Flash pieces.

A Flash player is required to view the animations. The Adobe Flash Player is no longer officially available for most regions. Alternatives include Ruffle (cross-platform) and the Newgrounds Flash Player (Windows).

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Once the movie is loaded, click a button (if required), sit back and enjoy. But it should be mentioned that Andrew's animations commonly include secret stuff...

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Toy & Game

Occasionally, Andrew also released Flash games and toys, such as these two. Just try them out.

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Very Short Ones

The following silent animations last less than two seconds each, then they repeat. The "Pirate vs. Ninja" and the cabbage patch ones were previously part of other TmsT animations before being posted as a standalone file.

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Background Projections

These silent, non-interactive animations were used as background projections that appeared behind the performers during certain shows made by student societies of the University of Canterbury.

For Cantabrian Idol, Andrew posted three of his more memorable animations. One is missing.

More than 20 Flash files were made for Alice in Wonderland. Read the page to learn about their use.

Two scenes not used for the show:

Alice in Wonderland is referenced in the Iggy the Dragon episode "Ignatius in Wonderland".

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See "More Stuff".

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Works on ABS, NG, & YT

The following table includes all TmsT Flash works, including collaborations, that were made public between 2003 and 2007 and uploaded to Albino Blacksheep or Newgrounds. The release date generally refers to a piece's first release on the Internet; some were only uploaded to said websites years later. Additionally, certain animations were updated at some point. There are more Flash animations of the time where Andrew was involved in some way, but the table only includes those found on the ABS and NG pages of TmsT, the one exception being Agents Agents Agents.

The character "♫" means that a work's soundtrack can be accessed separately on Albino Blacksheep in MP3 format.

I also added links to YouTube, but only for officially uploaded videos. More animations have been uploaded by various people. In any case, note that YouTube videos do not generally contain the secret footage found in many of Andrew's Flash movies, and even fewer, if any, include the director's commentary. The same goes for the MP4 files derived from Flash animations on Albino Blacksheep.

Be aware that some TmsT animations come with mature content, such as excessive violence, nudity, and adult themes. Just so you know.

Title Release Link(s)
Mulletboy in "Frogged" 2003-03-07 NG
Dopefission 2003-04-13 ABS NG
Goodbye, Cruel World!: Shockwave Flashback 2003-04-21 ABS
Antila and the Can O' Swedes 2003-04-25 ABS NG
French Erotic Film 2003-07-04 ABS♫ NG YT
The Truth About SpongeBob SquarePants 2003-08-09 ABS NG YT
Marslander 2003-09-20 ABS
Art Break 2003-09-27 NG
Plan 9 From Underpants 2003-10-04 ABS♫ NG YT
Gothboy Gets Halloweened 2003-10-31 NG
A Very Pokémon Guy Fawkes 2003-11-07 NG
Uncle Junkie 2003-11-14 NG
Conquest of Animutopia 2003-12-01 ABS♫ NG YT
Fun in the Woods 2003-12-05 NG
Frosty vs. Rudolf 2003-12-22 NG
Crocodile Hunter & Son 2004-01-05 NG
Hyakugojyuuichi Forever!! 2004-02-28 ABS♫ NG
Stephen Hawking: A Musical Tribute 2004-03-26 NG
Telluck & E-Sys 2004-04-05 NG
Badger Badger Polka 2004-04-08 NG
I've Got Some Falling To Do 2004-05-22 ABS♫
Sporkfest 2004-06-02 NG
KRUD: May Contain Peanuts 2004-06-05 NG
Happy Birthday, French Erotic Film! 2004-07-04 NG
Ignatius versus Dodgy 2004-09-29 NG
Penis Song vs. Dildo Ditty 2004-10-25 NG
Only Superhuman 2004-11-30 ABS NG
Duke Nukem Forever 2004-12-08 NG
Agents Agents Agents 2005-01-29 NG
Up Skit Creek 2005-02-06 ABS NG
The Squirrel of Life 2005-02-14 NG
ABS's Vertical Scroll 2005-02-21 ABS
IMHOSTFU's Vertically Continuous Image 2005-02-25 ABS
Zero Wing Rhapsody 2005-03-02 NG
Boot to the Head! 2005-05-06 NG
Teh Transformers Movie (Abridged) 2005-05-26 NG
Fun with Fire 2005-06-03 ABS NG
The Fingertips Project 2005-06-19 ABS YT
Tip – A Tribute 2005-09-05 NG
Whack-A-Moleman 2005-10-08 ABS NG
Scorched Earth: The Movie 2005-11-12 ABS NG
Up Skit Creek 2 – Part 1 2005-12-25 ABS NG
Up Skit Creek 2 – Part 2 2005-12-25 ABS NG
When Robots Attack! 2006-01-03 ABS♫ NG
StrifeToons Ep. 1: Duke Nukem – The Movie 2006-01-18 ABS NG YT
Geeks in Love 2006-02-14 ABS♫ NG YT
StrifeToons Ep. 2: Marine and the DukeBurger Outlet (P. 1) 2006-03-28 ABS NG YT
Legos 9-11 (from Up Skit Creek 1+2) 2006-04-20 ABS YT
Fiberglass Monkey 2006-04-30 NG
StrifeToons Mailbag 2006-06-25 ABS YT
Chain Reaction 2006-06-26 ABS
Newsbleat – Episode 1 2006-08-21 ABS YT
StrifeToons Ep. 3: Marine and the DukeBurger Outlet (P. 2) 2006-09-08 ABS NG YT
Bad Idea 2006-10-28 ABS♫ NG YT
Sheepie's Christmas 2006-12-16 ABS♫ YT
Dumbbell 2007-02-02 ABS♫ NG YT
Best Friends 2007-03-01 ABS
Sheepie's Odyssey 2007-06-09 ABS
Up Skit Creek 3 – Teaser 2007-09-08 ABS NG
Up Skit Creek 3 2007-09-08 ABS
1 skit on YT
The Beez by 2007-10 ABS
To the Brim of Existence 2007-11-15 ABS

For the soundtrack of Zero Wing Rhapsody and The Squirrel of Life, check out the Music page.

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