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UC Student Diary 2004

The following cartoons, featuring a character called Dodgy Duck (excluding the second one), were made by Andrew Kepple for the University of Canterbury's Student Diary of 2004. As the cartoons were aimed at Canterbury students of the time, some things might make little sense for people who were not there. Andrew added all cartoons at once to his site.

In addition to the cartoons above, he also posted one that was rejected and therefore didn't appear in the Student Diary.

Later, Andrew went on to create the Iggy the Dragon cartoons for CANTA, the UCSA's magazine. After a small cameo appearance in an early cartoon, Dodgy Duck also returned (with a new colour scheme) in episode 20, which was intended as a teaser for the Flash animation starring both Iggy and Dodgy. Additionally, Andrew was able to reuse the idea of the rejected Student Diary comic for episode 13 of Iggy the Dragon.

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