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Music released by Andrew Kepple in MIDI or MP3 format. The vast majority of TmsT animations comes with music, but this section is solely about the pieces made available as standalone files.

Title & Download Release Format Description Link(s)
Cthulhu's Song 2001-02-15 MIDI Accompanies the Goodbye, Cruel World! episode "Cthulhu Sings!" Based on the tune of the patriotic song "It's a Long Way to Tipperary", with Cthulhu-themed lyrics included in the cartoon. link Wayback Machine link
Commander Keen by 2001-07 MIDI Polka remix of "Welcome to a Kick In Yore Pants In Good Ole Hillville!" from the fourth episode of Commander Keen, Secret of the Oracle. It was posted together with the GCW episode "Marooned on Mars", but was also part of the Music page of the TmsT site; I don't know where it appeared first. link Wayback Machine link
We're All Going To Hell! 2001-08-19 MIDI Accompanies the GCW episode "We're All Going To Hell!", the musical finale of the third series. Cheesy 1950s- and 1980s-style music. The lyrics can be found in the cartoon. link Wayback Machine link
The Mortimer McMire Bond Villain Song 2001-10-19 MP3 A "Bond Villain"-style song centered on Mortimer McMire, the main antagonist of the Commander Keen series. Check out its page for more information and lyrics. Selected Strife Contents link Wayback Machine link
La Vida Martin by 2002 MP3 Parody of Ricky Martin's "Livin' La Vida Loca" with an informercial theme, performed by Andrew Kepple (as L.V. Martin) and Matt "Sampo" Sampson (as Son). link Wayback Machine link
The Flight Of The Bumblebee by 2002 MIDI The classical piece from the opera The Tale of Tsar Saltan, with percussion and a few other cheesy effects added. link OoCities link
Thing by 2002 MIDI An original piece that "happened in the MIDI program Encore one day." link OoCities link
Jesus the Talking Fish Theme 2002-09-23 MP3 Themesong to the film Jesus the Talking Fish, performed by The Clique (Andrew and Hilaire). link Wayback Machine link
Without Tetris (3.9 MB) 2004-04-11 MP3 A "mixtrosity" of Eminem's "Without Me" and Dr. Spin's techno remix of the Tetris theme. Contains explicit lyrics. Also known as "In Soviet Russia, Nobody Listens to Techno. TECHNO LISTENS TO THEM!" Wayback Machine link
Robert Sagwold Must Die (2.8 MB) 2004-09-02 MP3 One of the songs to 'Tween: Heaven and Hell, a musical created with Andrew's involvement. Lyrics by Corey Matthews, musical score by Andrew Kepple. Performed by the 'Tween Heaven & Hell MuSoc band, conducted by Luke di Somma. Andrew posted some more songs, but those are unavailable. link Wayback Machine link
Night of the Singing Dead: Overture (2.1 MB) 2004-09-16 MP3 Overture to Night of the Singing Dead (images may offend) a.k.a. Zombie: The Musical, a short musical written by Andrew. link Wayback Machine link
Zero Wing Rhapsody (5.4 MB) 2005-03 MP3 Soundtrack to the Flash animation Zero Wing Rhapsody. Based on Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody", with lyrics derived from the "Engrish" intro of the video game Zero Wing. Performed by Stephen Townshed (as Captain), Darryn Woods (as Operator), Jeff Clark (as CATS and intro voice-over), and Andrew Kepple (as Mechanic). Wayback Machine link
The Squirrel of Life (2.3 MB) 2005-03-05 MP3 Soundtrack to the Flash animation The Squirrel of Life. It's the song "Circle of Life" from the film The Lion King, mixed with samples of Ome Henk's "Opblaaskrokodil" and Andrew's keyboard playing. Wayback Machine link

On Albino Blacksheep, the music of many TmsT animations is available for download in MP3 format. Most of these songs were created by other artists.

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