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SEPTEMBER: Osama Bin Laden!

Addendum to the supposedly ended PITOTW series.
I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. Of course I would never make sick jokes about the recent terrorist attacks in the USA, but the attacks' resultant anti-Osama sentiment that has been torrenting through the media ever since is kind of annoying, since peace is supposed to be the goal. Well, anyway, before you look further and get all upset and start telling me to rot in Hell with Allah (as a friend of mine was advised to do after expressing his own opinion to someone who knew someone who used to work in the WTC), just remember that Osama Bin Laden is only a suspect, and destroying him won't really be of much use at all.
However, in case Uncle Sam does end up killing Osama Bin Laden, here are the most useful uses that could conceivably come out of such an act of counter-violence:

God Bless Allah

You see? Killing OBL won't be such a useless gesture after all! Yay!
For some GENUINE anti-Osamabinladenism, visit's forum thread about OBL name-calling.

Note: The P.I.T.O.T.W. seems to be updated sporadically.
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