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28/03/02: (Visitor Counter = 1271)
Rightyo, let's get right down to the guts of this update: A new GCW cartoon, for Easter - Let Him Be Crucified!
And speaking of Easter, have you ever wondered how they make Easter eggs? Why, they cross a chicken with a rabbit, of course.
But then, have you ever wondered how they cross a chicken with a rabbit?
You HAVE? You sick chuzzwazza! But for those of you who haven't wondered, here's a little somethingorother that I made a while ago. It explains all...
Why did the 

rabbit cross the chicken?
Pretty cool, eh?
Too bad I can't find my younger brother's cartoon that he drew many years ago, about a rabbit called "The Keaster Bunny" who... ahem... "poohs" ballistic Easter eggs. Heh-heh.