12/09/02: That's 9/11 in New York, though!

It's been one year, folks. Has the taboo on 9/11 humour been lifted yet? Yeah...

Yuk yuk yuk!

Ahhh, those were the days... when 'flying objects' smashing into high-rise buildings was not only politically correct, but hilarious (see that old Bugs Bunny cartoon with the Gremlin in it). And now we enter a dark age of humour, where jokes about such things are considered naughty. Well, folks, you know where you can get your politically incorrect laugh fix in this age of un-PC Humour prohibition. The Too Much Spare Time network's comic page (among others)! "Proudly flying airplanes of hilarity into the Twin Towers of good taste."

Today's Quote:
"You guys are totally Talibantastic!"
- Bob The Angry Flower