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Below are excerpts from thisstrife.com/sluggy/tmstindex.htm (April 2003 snapshot), thisstrife.com/sluggy/tmstmay03.htm, and thisstrife.com/sluggy/tmstjune03.htm.
Also see the last of the Cantabrian Idol-related excerpts.

10/03/03: (Visitor Counter = 6,975):This one's for YOU!
Dun-dunna-DUN-dun, dun-dunna-DUNN-dun, dun-dunna-DUNNN-dun, dun-dunna-DAAAHHH!!!!!

Yesterday I auditioned for the part of a drug-addicted, sexually frustrated accordianist with a (fully understandable) obsessive need for the presence of a piano/keyboard instrument and residing in a 1970's Australian mental institution. This was for DramaSoc's next production, Cosi, a play about a guy who gets the patients in a nut-house to perform Mozart's opera Cosi Fan Tutte. So go and see it this May, it'll be funny, although I don't think I'll be the crazy accordianist... Even though I can play the accordian (see photographic proof above, courtesy of Rhiannon.net.nz) which impressed the director, at the end of the audition when I explained that many years of playing the piano allowed me to naturally take to the accordian, she said "I wish I had your talents". Argh, that sounds like the apologetic kiss of death. Don't call us, we'll call you; Here, have a cigarette before you're executed; Happy Deathday To You, etc.

Today's GCW comic is only the first page of a 5-page epic, based on suggestions given to me by a few of my (many, MANY) fans. It begins bizarrely and gets whackier thereafter. What can I say in my defence but You Asked For It!


13/03/03: (Visitor Counter = 7,056):EVERYBODY POLKA! 1, 2, 3, 4!
Since I'm so stoked that I have been cast as Zany Accordionist Crackpot in Cosi after all, I've added two new pages to the great do-it-yourself GCW adventure on my comic page. The other 3 pages will be in tomorrow, hopefully. (Yes, it's a 6-pager, now!)
19/05/03 (Visitor Counter=8616): Allow me to not mutilate you!
Okay gang, I recently found a link to what one person had described as the best animutation ever. Skeptically, I clicked the link. They were not far off. Although the animutation ("Shumway") lacks the cleverness of Irrational Exuberance, the music upon which it is based is KER-RAZEH!!! Take a look. This is what animutations should be like. Listen carefully and you may hear one of the characters say "Allow me to not mutilate you!"

If you have or know of any crazy Japanese music (that hasn't already been animutated), please e-mail me with the details so that I can compete with these masters of animutation. Go awwwn...
You owe me. I give you a new cartoon or two every week. And here's this week's GCW comic: The Kraken Wakes.

And now, ADBREAK!

Dramasoc IncorporatedTM presents:

By Louis Nowra
Opening this Wednesday at the Ngaio Marsh Theatre, UCSA Building, 90 Ilam Road, Christchurch.

Tickets are cheaper than watching the MatrIIx (for normal people who don't get discounts etc).

Stuff you'll get to see:

* ME playing the accordian!
* ME getting a slap in the face!
* ME getting punched in the face!
* ME wearing some extremely revealing... uh, I don't wanna ruin the surpise.
* ME getting ANOTHER slap in the face!
* ME stealing the show!
* Violence to animals!
And if I don't see you in the audience I will hunt you down and play a crazy accordian serenade to you while you're trying to sleep.

02/06/03 (Visitor Counter=9007): 'appy birfdy QEII!
Cosi is over! )-..: But the characters live on... [-:{ Here's a colourised cartoon of the cast (and director) that I drew recently.
They're All Like That... really!
From left to right - Back row: Christina (our director), Phillip (Henry "I c-c-can't s-s-sing!"), David (Roy "Music of the Spheres!"), Erin (Ruth "1, 2, 3..."), me (Zac "I need a f**k!"), Mark E (Doug "Mobile bonfires!")
Front row: Mark W (Nick "Radicalise!"), Sarah (Lucy "LUCAKCS IS DEAD!"), Merrin (Julie "It's ENORMOUS!"), Corey (Lewis "Yes."), Karen (Cherry "Get some flesh on ya bones!"), Stephen (Slaughteryardsman "Any o' you geezers seen a peeg?")
Foreground: Daniel (Justin "Just MAH-vellous!")

A high-quality version is here. (924KB)
The colourless version is here. (196KB)

All SOME is revealed in today's GCW episode: "The Villain, Unmasked".