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DECEMBER: Columbine-3d
One of the favourite pasttimes of Columbine murderers Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris was to play that classic 3d computer game, "Doom". The creators of this game, id Software, initially made their fame in the world of the 3d-shooter with the ground-breaking "Wolfenstein 3d".
Now, what would it be like if they developed a special version of Wolf3d set at Columbine High school, instead of Nazi Germany? (I imagine they'd be very similar...)

Mein leben!

Now I'm sure that somewhere out there, there is some sicko who has made new level maps of this game and done new graphics to make a Columbine-3d simulation, but I'm not interested in such depravity myself. If you really want to be offended, look for it on a search engine.

Note: The P.I.T.O.T.W. is actually updated sometimes once a month, sometimes twice a month. It depends on the rate at which un-PC things grab my attention. If you've got an original photo or scanned pic of some un-PC thing that you've stumbled onto, please send it to me with details of where you got it from.
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