Teh P0st0r!

The Musical

This 30-minute "pocket musical" was performed on September 14-16 2004 as part of the University of Canterbury Drama Society's annual student -written and -directed show "3Some with 4Play" (originally titled "3Some" but has recently expanded to accommodate four original plays). The cast were as follows:
Chad, a Hero: Jeff Clark
Megan, a Vegan: Bailey Hunt
Count Vladimir, a Villain: Adam Tetzlaff
The Narrator, a Narrator: Ben Allan
Mario, an Archaeologist: Stevie Cullen
Lefty, a Severed Zombie-Hand (and Random Zombie): Matt Grice
Zombie Chef: Erin Kavanagh
Linguist Zombie: Kathleen Burns
Zombie #3, a Runty but Feisty Zombie: Erika Meads
Bad Dental Hygiene Zombie: Alice Carmody
Random Man, a Zombie Recruit: Stephen Townshend
Random Woman, a Zombie Recruit: Jess Ellis
The Maestro, a Musician (and the disembodied voice of Chad's Ol' Pappy): Andrew Kepple
NOTSD was a show quite unlike any other that DramaSoc has done in any of the years that I've been involved. A musical in which the front row of the audience get showered in guts*, brains*, blood and other bodily fluids, and containing accidental nudity. Or "FAILING TO CONTAIN" nudity, as the case may be...
Featuring the original music of Andrew Kepple (with apologies to Giuseppe Verdi and others) and with the co-direction of Zombie Movie Afficionado Jeff Clark, this musical is a disturbing mix of Brain Dead, Evil Dead, Rocky Horror, and various other horror/zombie classics.

*Made out of cooked pasta

The Music

All written or plagiarisedHOMMAGE-IFIED by Andrew Kepple.

You can download the overture by rightclicking HERE.

Shots from the final night show:

Mama Mia!
Italian archaeologist, Mario Magnifico-Fettucini-Cappuccino-Dolmio, discovers that the curse of the undead is not just a superstition after all...

"Welcome, one and all, to a sinister tale
Of creatures half-living, half-dead
Who will rip out your eyes and then feast on your brains
Which they'll first suck right out of your head..."

Drones the narrator in ominous, British tones as the zombies gleefully frighten the audience.

The zombies, singing "Braaaains", escort Mario offstage now that he is one of them.

Oh, HORRORS! Our hero Chad's quiet moment alone is interrupted by singing zombies!

Megan the Vegan gets yogic on the zombies' undead asses. Ka-pow!

The all-singing, all-dancing villain Count Vladimir introduces himself in his own special way.

Chorus line!
More corny chorus-line cheese with Vlad and the Zombiettes...

I can see his noodle!
"I am Count Vladimir, Scantily-Clad-imir", sings Vlad as he unveils his final night prank in all its dildonic glory.

It's cleavin' time!
Chad has only 30 seconds to chop off his zombie-bitten hand, to stop the infection. But his soon-to-be-severed hand has plans of its own...

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