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Below is an excerpt from tmst.twu.net/sluggy/tmstfeb05.htm.

20/02/05 (Visitor Counter=147,233): It's been a slow week...
NEWS FLASH: NewGrounds are offering $250 cash prizes for the best five animations submitted this month. With Up Skit Creek becoming a front page Daily Feature last week, I think that's my effort for the contest done. But whether or not it wins anything is not relevant to how I'm reacting to this "Cash For Flash" offer.
Here goes.

Seriously.HEY! YOU should make an animation and win US$250 on Newgrounds! All you need is a good idea and some Flash skills!
What's that, you don't have the necessary Flash skills to make an animation that will do justice to your brilliant concept?
Well, Andrew Kepple does!
That's right, folks. Now you don't have to sit on the back bench with your great ideas while the reasonable animators with mediocre ideas get all the action. Simply bring your idea to Andrew, and sponsor him to make your animation for Newgrounds' "Cash For Flash" contest!
With three "Newgrounds Daily Features" and numerous other awards under Andrew's belt, how could you give up the opportunity to work with this experienced Newgrounds animator whose trophy cabinet alone suggests some pretty darn good odds of winning yourself $250?
Don't be left there at the end of the month, rolling your eyes cynically when some atrocious stick-combat movie about Street Fighter and the Matrix wins $2501. That winner should be YOU, with your brilliant ideas for Flash movies that don't suck.
As well as being able to draw and animate in Flash in a variety of styles, I can compose and perform my own original, royalty-free soundtracks if need be.

So don't delay, e-mail Andrew (TmsT) right now for more details on investing in his Flash-animational skillz!

I'm serious about this, despite the semi-sarcastic accompanying image that I just put there to let you know that I am fully aware of how much of a sell-out I am becoming. I've already had one person contact me about this. He not only had a great concept, but also a complete script! That's the sort of thing that is more likely to convince me to pick you next month.

[1] That's MY idea, okay? So if I see any Street Fighter Matrix parodies out there, I'll know that you stole it from me. MINE MINE MINE!!! Just kidding.

I feel unclean. Give me money so I can buy soap. Moving right along...

I hope that this month's GCW comic is less painful for you to read than it was for me to draw.