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Below is an excerpt from tmst.twu.net/sluggy/.

27/08/06 (Visitor Counter=327,078): New news!
The Toronto Star ran another article on animutation today. I was mentioned! ^_^ Cut, Paste, Animate!

In horrorscopic news, Pluto's sudden lack of planetary status is having a huge impact on the world of astrology. How do you think this deplanetisation affects people of the star sign Scorpio? How will they cope now that their "Ruling Planet" is no longer a planet, but a hunk of rock? Rocks cannot govern people's lives! Only planets and stars can do that!

Scorpio people will start fading out of astrological existence. Their horoscopes will no longer work properly. Their very lives will be plunged into a maelstrom (oh yeah, I used the word MAELSTROM, booyah) of uncertainty! No longer can they rely on the predictions of professional astrologers to tell them where their lives are going! Now they must make their OWN futures, choose their OWN lucky numbers, and get their love-life advice from sources OTHER than astrology, since their fates are no longer governed by a planet. Perhaps, now that their lives are no longer subject to celestial influences, Scorpio people might even have... dare I say it... FREE WILL. Those poor, unlucky people. Having to take responsibility for their own actions, lives, destinies. I am glad to be a Sagittarius. My planet is Jupiter - let's see you demote THAT one!