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Below is an excerpt from thatstrife.com/sluggy/ablapril03.htm.

28/04/03 (Visitor Counter=7897): SARS ATTACKS!
I'm only being SARS-castic.

How are YOU dealing with SARS-hysteria? The University of Canterbury here has been spamming us students with emails and flyers, and even making the lecturers inform us of the university's policy on Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. We've been told to report suspected SARS-cases to the authorities like it's now some big conspiracy against anyone who has a cold this Winter. Well, if that's the way that the university is dealing with SARS, then I am also entitled to deal with it in MY own special way: Taking the mickey.

That's right, folks! Now available at the TmsT CafePress online merchandise shop, you can have your very own SARS awareness bumper sticker for the ultra low-low price of just THREE BUCKS! (US$3.00)

Click to purchase!

Be the envy of all your friends who have lame bumper-stickers bearing dated slogans like "Save the whales... For dessert!" and "You're a Feminist? That's so cute!", and be the baddest bad-ass in your 'hood when everybody sees your "KISS MY SARS" bumper sticker on the back of your suped-up boyracer-mobile!

But if you REALLY want to send home the message, you can always go for the ol' BIOHAZARD TATTOO!


Nothing helps you picks up chicks faster than a tattoo, especially one that symbolises danger! And in this day and age, what's more dangerous than the biohazard symbol? Nothing! (Except perhaps the radiation symbol, but that is sooo The '80's.)

And if you're STILL not completely satisfied that you're getting into that SARSy spirit, you can send away for a petrie dish containing AUTHENTIC SARS-PATIENT SALIVA! That's right, folks! Send no money now for your very own dish of trendy, stylish SARS-PATIENT SALIVA, imported from either Hong Kong or Toronto!

Hoik! Ptoo!

SARS-PATIENT SALIVA is always a hit at dinner parties, or when you've got some unexpected guests dropping in. It's also educational, and therefore guaranteed to make your kids smarter! As they say in Canada, "It's tres chic!"

Spleen Vented...........100%. I hope nobody got infected.
The second-ever GUEST COMIC for GCW, this one by Jason Lennie of L-Cubed Comix. And they ain't half bad, either! (-;

(Wasn't today's rant awful? Tell your friends! THEY'LL appreciate it even if YOU can't.)