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Below is an excerpt from tmst.twu.net/sluggy/tmstoct05.htm.

18/10/05 (Visitor Counter=206,916): Armageddon: The end of the world rocks!
I made these!This weekend is Labour Weekend (Saturday, Sunday and Monday!) and ARMAGEDDON, the big Geek Convention, is happening in Auckland.
I will be there as an exhibitor, selling my own comics/graphic novels (see picture, left) which I made with my own sweat and blood. With the exception of Vaultman and Stuff which was also made using the sweat and blood of fellow NZ comix creator Jason Lennie. That book contains comics ranging in subject matter from alien slave mines to epic romance to superheroes. It also contains an episode of my online comic Goodbye, Cruel World that was never put online! Don't miss out.
My other, less comical but just as non-serious, comic is a "graphic novel", or "grovel" as we say in the biz. (So called because graphic novelists will get on their knees and beg you to buy said fruits of their labour!) If you like dark, spooky, wordless but visually expressive tales of horror with a hint of humour too ridiculous to be wanky, then The Fisherman is what you want to buy from me this weekend. Described by one customer who bought it from me online (by simply emailing me for payment details) as "the comic equivalent of crack". Let us assume that he enjoyed it, rather than became addicted to it and joined a gang of crack dealers, because drugs are bad and so are metaphors.

Don't forget Iggy! I updated the comicpage earlier.