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Below is an excerpt from kepple.illemonati.com.

November 26, 2007: Visitor Counter 439,410

Behold (most of) the display boards from the end-of-year Freelance Animation School Exhibition, which happened on Friday/Saturday. My class's diploma projects were screened for a very exclusive audience consisting of animation industry bigwigs and littlewigs, and people who we invited. Awards were given out, and the one that had been created specially for me to win was called the "Industry Award for Storytelling". So that was pretty cool.


Here's me getting a little bit too much into my character (or rather, the character getting a little bit too much into me - thanks, Yakov), the day after the grand opening night. My animation itself, "A Sack Full Of Kittens", is not available online YET, but will be once the remaining uncoloured scenes have been done up all purdy-lookin'. Now it may horrify some of you folks out there to consider the notion of animated movies being screened to the public without even being completed, but these are not so much movies as projects. They're meant to demonstrate animation skill that we learned from animation school. Colouring-in competitions are for pre-school. That said, I did get a lot done, so you won't have to wait too long for the rest to be completed.
And in the meantime... SNEAK PREVIEW: