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Below is an excerpt from thatstrife.com/sluggy/tmstmay03.htm.

23/08/04 (Visitor Counter=90,723): Happy Birthday

A coupla days ago day I made a small, goofy Flash-animated birthday present for Neil Cicierega, who is turning 18 today... Yes, our little founder of animutation is growing up...
(Neil, I recommend watching this animation *after* you've drunk the yardie.)

Mister President. You have twenty four hours to pay me ONE BILLION US DOLLARS or I will put bite marks in the painting that you know as "The Scream" EVERY HOUR UNTIL THE PAINTING IS RUINED or until I die of paint poisoning... which probably won't happen because the artist, Edvard Munch, probably used egg tempera. Anyway, Mr President, my Paypal account is under tmst@twu.net. See that you pay me.

Impossible? You will MAKE IT POSSIBLE, Mister President! Muahahaha! Because if you don't, then your precious Munch will be MUNCHED! Oh the irony!

Mmmm, tasty! Taste that eggy flavour! Now, how do I like my eggs? POACHED! MUAHAHAH!
Or perhaps I'm in the mood to FRY them today... yes... or maybe BOILED? Or even... SCRAMBLED! It's up to YOU, "Mister President". Pay up, or I'll eat The Scream FOR BREAKFAST!
Oh man, I'm sooooo evil... I need to just lie down for a second... ahh that's better... now where was I? Ah yes. MUAHAHAHAHAH! MUAHAHAHAH! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!oneoneone