Music or bust!
Welcome to my Music section. Hopefully, this page will soon be filled with lots of WAV-files and/or MIDI-music that I've composed/arranged in my Spare (and not-so-spare) Time.
In the meantime, click below to hear/download...
The Mortimer McMire Bond-Villain Song. This is really bad. Only go to this page if you like Commander Keen games AND James Bond films. I take no respnsibility for terminal "crinjuries" that result from people experiencing my music. d-:

See, hear, whatever.Cheesy Fish 'n' Chip Shop Space-Invader Music. Ah, the memories... Those good ol' aerial-view shoot-em-ups... Those were the days.

La Vida Martin: My parody of Ricky Martin's La Vida Loca, with an infomercial theme. NOW you know what the "L.V." in "L.V. Martin & Son" really stands for!
Performed by Andrew Kepple (as L.V.Martin) and Matt "Sampo" Sampson (as Son). Hell, it's not GREAT singing, but as Ricky was unavailable to sing it, I had to do it myself.

My arrangements of...
Polkamon:The Pokemon theme song arranged as a polka!
The Flight Of The Bumblebee ...With percussion and few other cheesy effects.
Commander Keen: One of the songs from my favourite platform game, "Commander Keen".

Some original stuff...
"Thing": Something that happened in the MIDI program Encore one day...

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