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Below is an excerpt from tmst.twu.net/sluggy/tmstnov05.htm.

29/11/05 (Visitor Counter=216,927): From A Distance
And it's so easy being eee-villl...I've always wanted one of these. This is the coolest thing ever.
Thanks to Frappr, we can all find out where TmsT visitors come from, and have their locations shown on a map of the Earth! Pretty cool eh? I KNOW!! ^_^
All you have to do is click the "TmsT World" link (it's now in the UPDATED Flash main menu as well) and enter your city, and some kind of tag - it can be your name, but if you're paranoid, you can just put anything! If you're REALLY into it, you can even upload a photo of yourself to go with your location, and even leave a message to all the other people who can see you from space! (Cyberspace, that is.) you can even save your profile and use it in other Frappr Maps! What amazing times we live in.
Please participate in this, even just for the hell of it. It's really easy, and every dot on the map counts! And for those of you to whom "I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE" applies, you'd better darn well participate, coz otherwise I'll know! Yes, Italy, I mean YOU. And you too, Finland! Just because you're all hiding up there in the Arctic circle doesn't mean I can't see you. (Not you, Italy.) Muahaha. This is the coolest thing ever.


Dear Andrew Kepple,

Congratulations! You have completed all your required units towards your National Certificate in Character Animation Foundation Skills (Level 2) and your National Certificate in Character Animation Inbetweening (Level 3).

You will find enclosed your Feelance Animation School Academic Record...

Qualification: Freelance Diploma in Character Animation
Complete: No

Wait- WHAT???

All of the credits are ticked as being achieved by me... But it says it's not complete!
And so a great cloud of doubt and confusion descended upon myself and my classmates as we looked at our results and wondered why nobody had got a "Yes" for "Complete". As it turned out, this was merely a typo that was on everybody's reports regardless of their completion (or incompletion) of the course. So I passed, BUT I mean, come on... of all the typoes that could be made, did it REALLY have to be such a significant one? I bet it was a prank!

All administrational hijinks aside, I now have official NZQA Qualifcations in Animation to add to my other list of animational achievements, I didn't screw up, and so my uprootment from Christchurch to Auckland has paid off. Everything's coming up Milhouse! \o/

And now let us "do the cabbage patch" (see cruddy animation, above left), which seems to be my signature piece in my animations now because I've used it in four. See if you can identify which four they are.