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Below is an excerpt from thisstrife.com/sluggy/tmstjan04.htm.

13/01/04 (Visitor Counter=36,286): The Sméagol has landed.
Whose Precious Is It Anyway?
Eat this, skeptics. Raw and wriggling. I now have photographic evidence - nay, PROOF - that Gollum (the Hobbit formerly known as Sméagol) still lives in the waterways and national parks of Middle Earth, New Zealand. This photograph of Gollum and myself was snapped at Cleopatra's Pool in the Tasman Bay district.
So why has Gollum been so elusive to photographers and cinematographers other than Peter Jackson's camera crew until now? I say it's because of the blue hat that Gollum is wearing in the picture. Obviously, such a clever disguise would fool any tourist into thinking that he is merely just another holidaymaker. Also the t-shirt and shorts are another attempt to hide his gollumness.
As for me, you can see that I am quite shocked at seeing Gollum sitting on the river bank while I was swimming, and my expression of horror and disgust at his perverse ugliness made the poor creature bolt into the forest.
Fact or Fiction? I decide. You believe.