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Jesus the Talking Fish
Jesus (pronounced "Hey Zeus") the Talking Fish takes education to a whole new level, with the baddest, loudest, phattest mo'fo in da hood: Jesus!
Announcement: Jesus the Talking Fish will be uploaded to the internet in the near future, for all and one to gaze upon in all its bad, loud, phat, mofo-ing glory. In the meantime, read this extract about JTTF from Andrew's Boring Life, and download the themesong!

Vodka - Breakfast of champions! No smoking my ass! Please.

23/09/02: On Friday night, in one of those drunken, spur-of-the-moment -type decisions that one typically comes to regret (or not), Hilaire and I decided what the hell, tomorrow we'll shoot the film that previously only existed in a strange dream that Hilaire once had:Jesus The Talking Fish. Her dream was about a bad-ass mo'fo fish called Jesus (pronounced "Hey Zeus") who goes around verbally abusing people in a "Mr T" voice. So on Saturday, we bought a fresh salmon head, and started filming at about 6:30pm. It was messy, not to mention smelly, and perhaps a little dangerous, since we had to blow something up by setting an aerosol can on fire, but that is what "art" is all about.
At 0100hrs on Sunday, the mission was completed. Jesus The Talking Fish not only had his own theme song (performed by The Clique - that's us), but also his own *ahem* educational children's television show *cough, cough* -- Three minutes long.

Clique here to download the Jesus The Talking Fish themesong!

Jesus The Talking Fish - Themesong (lyrics)

Better than a tricycle
More fun than a cluster bomb
He makes education cool
But don't tell your Dad or Mom!

He's Jesus, Jesus, Jesus the talking fish
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus the talking fish

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus the talking fish

(Repeat until finished or arrested)

(C)2002 The Clique

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