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Thursday, Week Seven: 15/02/01

Hey, kids! Sing along with Cthulhu by clicking on "Play" on the Midi player below! (The music starts on the line: "Let's introduce you with a song...")

NOTE: If you can't see the MIDI-player, then try loading the MIDI file (Cthtip.mid) HERE.

The Sound of Cthulhu
Mmmcheesy. In case you don't know how the music synchronises with the lyrics, here they are without the annoying pictures getting in the way:

NOEL: Let's
In-tro-duce you with a... song......

Brief banjo interlude

Who is the one who... eats souls for breakfast?
And de-Vours plan-ets, too?
Who is the one with... the facial ten-drils-
With which you soul he wants to chew?
Who's the one with... the tiny bat wings?
'Though God knows what they do...
GOD [Recit.]: Like Hell I do!
NOEL: Oh, his wrath is enough to scare a goth - he's
Cthu-lhu, that's who! - I REALLY MEAN IT!

A change in the musical meter occurs here as Cthulhu comes in for his big finale

CTHULHUETTES+NOEL: He's the mysti-cal-C-thu-lhu!
CTHULHU: They really mean it - I'm the mystical and mythical completely monolithical,
Many-many-tentacled guy!
Om-NIP-otent, om-NIS-cient, here's loo-king-at-YOU, 'cause...
The great C-thulh-u am - I!......


With apologies to H. P. Lovecraft.

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