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15/07/01: A Commander Keen Tribute

How it really happened...

NOTE: If you can't see the MIDI-player, then try loading the MIDI file (kickkeen.mid) HERE.

"Embarrassed at being taken out by an airborne rock, Commander Keen shakes off his fog of unconsciousness and blames his mistake on a bunch of friendly canine aliens called Vorticons, who were exploring the red planet at the time. The Vorticons, being a relatively puny race, sent a distress signal to Earth, and were aided by a genius known as the Grand Intellect. Together, they fought against the horrifying destruction inflicted upon them by Commander Keen, but alas, they were soon defeated.
After slaying the Grand Intellect, Keen went on to mentally enslave the Vorticons, to make the poor creatures think that he was a great guy, whereas in real life he would reputedly electrocute his parents and fly around the Galaxy shooting innocent critters."

No, just kidding - that's not how it really happened. If you want to know the true story of how Commander Keen saved the Earth from certain destruction and defeated the evil likes of the Grand Intellect, go visit The Public Commander Keen Forum or The 3D Realms web forum. Commander Keen will always be the bestest platform game ever made.

And on that subject, go and take a look at my NEWEST WEB COMIC, Commander Keen in Copyright Infringement!
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