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19/08/01: Sunday, Week Thirty-Three, 4am
The "The Web-Comic That Was Created Twice" Special!

It's finally over... This particular episode, I mean, not the entire series!

So, when it's all loaded, press play when you get up to the cheesy music cue. It might be a bit difficult to follow, but who cares? It's not my problem any more! Yay! If you don't like it, you can go to Hell. And I'll be waiting there for you so you can complain to me in person. (-;

NOTE: If you can't see the MIDI-player, then try loading the MIDI file (Wag2hell.mid) HERE.


Notes: I am aware of the incorrect grammar of "There's no annoying Mormons", which should say "There are no annoying Mormons", but that wouldn't fit the music comfortably (see "There are Boy-Bands" - it doesn't really work, does it?) and people use that incorrect usage of "there's" in everyday speech. But I'm not here to give Complete Retards a Guide to the English Language, that's somebody else's job.
Yes, that is ME in the middle of the three web-cartoonists. That's pretty much how I look now - same clothes, same unshavenness, same "been awake for 20 hours and showing it" appearance.
This cheesy finale song has turned out to be a character recapitulation of GCW in its entirety thus far. Note the return of Skelly McNeil (gasp!) among various gag-characters like The Green-Haired Stand-Up Comedian, The Cheesy Family, Spuddy, Pun-Man, The Pope and other references to things that've been mentioned in earlier episodes like L.V. Martin, the William Hanna ghost mask, and of course, Living In Greytown's The Devil Phil.
Oh yes, and this episode's subliminal message (yes, they all have at least one - go and check the archives if you don't believe me) can be found in the final five frames before the big "HELL!" picture. Well, maybe not "in" the frames, but, sort of. It's a message of evil. Eeeevil. Eeeeeville!!!

And before you start flaming me with how this cartoon is promoting Satanism, let me remind you that it's not promoting anything (except perhaps web-comics) especially since there is no "Satan" in the comic at all, he got turned into Nigel, remember? This cartoon is a mickey-take of typical transmillennial overoptimism. The whole "always look on the bright side" philosophy exaggerated to sarcastically grotesque extemes. And besides, if you send me nasty e-mails, I'll put a hex on you.

YAY!!!! It's finally up there! Now to go home and sle- zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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