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Below is an excerpt from thisstrife.com/sluggy/tmstdec04.htm.

27/12/04 (Visitor Counter=128,162): A glorious new era of Computing for TmsT?
Looks like Santa was a cheap ol' bugga this year, or maybe I was just a naughty boy, but I bought a new computer for TmsT myself today. The technical specifications are as follows:
* It works
* It runs Flash without crashing every 10-15 minutes
* It works
* It's quiet
* Did I mention that it actually works?
* (Touch wood)

So in layman's terms, this means MORE FLASH ANIMATION GOODNESS FOR YOU TO ENJOY!

And for all you Flash enthusiasts out there, I'm releasing a clip from Only Superhuman for you all to use in your Flash animations as long as you give me credit*.
Here it is: (Rightclick here) Ninja Versus Pirate (110KB). It's the same clip as the one on the left there. Enjoy. Ye scurvy landlubbers. Arrr.

Speaking of pirates and ninjas, a long-time TmsT fan and ThisStrife forum imp Tom Hall (no relation to THE Tom Hall who invented Commander Keen) whom we like to call Mosquito made a movie with his homeboy Stefan Acin. They call it "Spam".

Ever heard of a 24-MINUTE comic? 24 frames in 24 minutes! Are you up to the challenge? [Ninja Voice = ON] HA! That is no challenge, for it does not challenge me! Ha-HA! I am the strongest. So I made a 24-minute comic: A Weapon of X-mass Destruction! Ho ho ho!
Oops. [Ninja Voice = OFF] Ho ho ho! (Sorry about that "Ninja Santa" impression there.)

Reasons to come back to TmsT: I have more cartoons ready to scan, but no (compatible) scanner as yet. I will fix this minor setback soon.

*Credit, in this case, refers to - but is not limited to - your immortal soul.