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Below is an excerpt from tmst.twu.net/sluggy/tmstsep05.htm.

17/09/05 (Visitor Counter=202,255): The most fun you can have with your eyes crossed
Over there on the left is a little experiment in stereographic 3D stop-motion animation. If you don't haven't seen TmsT's unpatented "ST3R3-O-VISION" before, here's what you do:
Look at the animation.
Go cross-eyed (or try to look at the tip of your nose).
Notice how the images on screen go blurry and out of focus.
Keep going cross-eyed or relaxing your eyes until the double images overlap perfectly.
When they overlap perfectly, the stereoscopic image will lock into focus and as long as you don't try to look at the image as if it were REALLY THERE, then you'll be able to watch it without losing the 3D vision. With a bit of training and practise, you'll soon find it as easy as peering into a Viewmaster.
(If, however, you would rather view the ST3R3-O-Visual effects by relaxing your gaze rather than going cross-eyed, then you can press the "Invert Depth" button in the upper left of the Domo-Kun images to switch the left and right eye images.)

Here are the TmsT animations that contain ST3R3-O-VISION:
Hyakugojyuuichi Forever!!
"Plan 9 From Underpants" or "Colin Mochrie vs Jesus H. Christ Part 2"
Telluck & E-Sys
Right-click here to download the full-sized Domo Kun animation above.
Have fun and don't do it too much or your eyeballs will turn upside down in their sockets and fall out.
Just kidding.

More fun and gubbins with Iggy have been sitting in the comicpage since Monday.