07/03/03: Mulletboy II

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Who remembers Frogger? Didn't crossing the road just RULE, back in those simpler, more innocent times before the all-penetrating (oh yes, ALL-penetrating...) evil of the Internet corrupted the world and destroyed mankind's collective soul? Ah yes, crossing the road was an almighty quest, undertaken only by the elite. These days it's all "collecting magic runes from a parallel universe ruled by a demonic wizard" or "slaying alien demons on a post-apocalyptic nightmare planet" or "rescuing the anthropomorphic princess from an army of deranged robots led by an evil cartoon marsupial only to find out that she's actually an undercover Mafia mobster on a quest to avenge the death of her ninja parents who died while protecting her from a demonic wizard". Those were simpler, happier times, when refuelling one's fighter plane could be easily carried out in-flight... When enemy spaecraft attacked one by one and could be obliterated by a single bullet for each invader... When dealing with a mole problem was as simple as dropping an unlimited supply of flower pots on the offending critters as they ate the foundations out of your house... Ah, the memories... Those pixellated, eight-bit memories...

Director's comments: Pun tally = 2. First off, the title, "Frogged". It's obviously a play on the word "Frogger". In the lingo of hard-core computer gamers, the verb "frag" means to kill, destroy, or otherwise eliminate a player, usually from a multi-player environment. I suspect that "fragging somebody" is derived from "blasting somebody into fragments". Thus, in the spirit of this computer-game-oriented story, the term "fragged" has been united with the other gaming word "Frogger" to become "Frogged". (Note: In a moment of Steven King-ishness, I considered naming this Flash movie "The Frogging", but decided that that was much too serious for such a slapstick tale of light-hearted goofery.)
Secondly, Mulletboy's "signing off" quote. It's not so much what he SAYS that's the pun, it's what he DOES. Think about it, I'm not going to explain this one to you.
The background music is my own little Dixie-style arrangement of the original melody of Frogger. Even the simplest of tunes can sound great when accompanied by banjo, honky-tonk piano, clarinet, and muted trumpet.

Today's comic is dedicated to anyone who still has their old Atari 2600 - arguably the Playstation 2 of the late 1980's. Good on yas. You are truly Defenders of the Old Faith.

Today's Quote:
"Mmm-M!" -The Little Green Frog (one day)

Hm, guess you had to be there. There's a song that goes with it...

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