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Below are excerpts from tmst.twu.net/sluggy/tmstsep05.htm.

05/09/05 (Visitor Counter=200,610): As promised...
Zeke the Foetus(Right:) Zeke's wire skeleton has now been covered in tinfoil, which was then covered in malleable, flesh-coloured "Super Sculpy". So Zeke has no actual features yet, but maybe next time.

While you wait, take a look at Iggy's MADCAP AWARDS cartoon and some other related drawings for you enjoyment.


22/09/05 (Visitor Counter=203,205 or something): Who's that dapper fellow with a slack-jawed, vacant stare? It's the Zeke! It's the Zeke!
Howdy! The 3D model of Zeke is complete! Well, as complete as a family-safe website will allow for a model of naked person... Check out the little animation on the right for a turnaround.
HYUCK! Above: A picture of Zeke's face before and then after applying some digital makeup in Paint Shop Pro. Here's another larger close up of his face. Hyuck! Apparently Zeke has the same orthodontist as Helen Clark. Ho ho, political humour.

This week has been my end-of-term 4-day inbetweening exam. Fun. Especially when, while cycling to school the other morning, I happened to get a flat tyre thanks to some inner-city JAFAs leaving smashed beer bottles all over the footpaths and roads. Disgraceful. So anyway, I started pushing my bike up the last hill, and it began to hail. OH NOES. (At least it wasn't snowing, like it was down in Christchurch, lucky beggars.) Luckily I got to class only 5 minutes late, and the exam rooms are only "locked" after 10 minutes past start-time. Phew. Not that losing an hour out of the 24 hours over 4 days would have changed the outcome a lot. I'll find out how I did, next term.