The Post-Ironic Pig Cartoon Archive
The Year 2000

Episode One: "Post-Ironic Pig Buys A Computer"

Episode Two: "Post-Ironic Pig Save's the Whale's"

(Yes, the apostrophes are intentionally there for cheesy 90's effect.)

Episode Three: "Post-Ironic Pig and the Strange Religious Cult"

Episode Four: "Post-Ironic Pig at the Olympic Games"

The Year 2001

Episode Five: "Post-Ironic Pig Versus The Music Industry"

Something that I sent to Dave Kelly who draws "Living In Greytown":
The Devil Phil

...which made it into his web-comic!

Episode Six: "Post-Ironic Pig's In Space"

(The "Year of the Space Odyssey" Special!)

Episode Seven: "Post-Ironic Pig's War On Crime"

The Year 2002

Episode Eight: "Post-Ironic Pig's Amazing Invention"