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Below is an excerpt from thisstrife.com/sluggy/tmstsept03.htm.

25/09/03 (Visitor Counter=15,835): TmsT sells out!
Vaultman and Stuff! Vaultman and Stuff is on the shelf! Jason took thirty copies of our first commercial combined-comic-book endeavour up to the Armageddon Geek Expo in Wellington last weekend, and came back with seven copies. The others he sold to cartoonists, comic shop owners, and the odd normal person (if you'll excuse my ironic choice of words), and he also swapped some for other cartoonists' works of similar value. And what is this value, you may ask? Well, for 16 pages of advert-free comics, sandwiched between a colour cover (with a full-colour episode of Goodbye, Cruel World on the back), how much would you pay? $15? $10? NO! For only $5, Vaultman and Stuff can be YOURS TO OWN! (For New Zealand customers only. Overseas prices include postage and exchange rates.) Look for this comic in Christchurch's Comics Compulsion in the very near future, or simply accost Andrew and demand to buy the comic off him. Hurry, only while stocks last! I've got orders from people, so you might have to wait until the next print run if you're too late!

Here are some tantalising snippets from a few of the comics that I drew for V&S:

Cynthia Phatman & Trippin' Leon