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Today's comic - Comic #13 - April 30, 2001
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(30/04/01): Whoops, I missed a few. Well, now it's time to roast a few celebs, for publicity. Let's start with God!
(25/04/01, 0241hrs): So tired... must... draw... next... web-comic...
Whoah, did I write that rant on the 23rd? Golly-gosh! Am I becoming psychotic? Am I becoming... NOEL LEMMING? Eeek! Get a grip, Leon! Don't let web-comics control you - you must control web-comics. Ahhhhhh that's better.
(23/04/01): Okay, so BigPand don't want me? That's f**kin' fine by me! They'll come crawling back on their bleeding stumps when I become ultra-mondo-wacko-famous! (This next bit of rant is to be said out loud in an iambic Dr Suess-like "rap":)
Then I'll get the respect I deserve. Go on, you a**eholes, doubt me! Ignore me! Shun me! Try'n destroy me! Screw me?! Screw YOU! See I've got my uzi right now - coz you gotta sleep sometime! And then I'll climb in through your window and shoot you, I'll kill you, I'll blast you, I'll fill you with lead and I'll spill all your blood and insides 'til you die, you tight-assed pack of shite-heads! You losers! You don't even know what a decent cartoon is! Don't f*ck wit me man, I'm a web-cartoonist!
(18/04/01): Where the hell IS that message saying "Welcome to BigPanda.net"?!?!?!
(17/04/01): Well, things are going good at the moment. Haven't had too many visitors... but that's all about to change as soon as I get registered with BigPanda.net! Then business will be booming! Yessirree...
(16/04/01): Hi-ya, folks! Welcome, as they say, to my web-comic! Yes! I am now one of you - a pioneer of web-published art. I am The CARTUNISTE.  This web-comic, The ASCIIs, is going to be mega-successful and make me ultra-hyper-uber-famous! So tell all your friends and colleagues about it so that when I become phenomenally successful you can proudly proclaim "I've  been reading that web-comic since the beginning" and people will respect you for that.
 So, how did I become a web-cartoonist, you may ask. Funny you should ask. Y'see, it all began when I was helping my friend Noel Lemming get over the tragic passing of cartoon legend Bill Hanna, and I realised that it was up to me to continue the legacy of cartoon excellence that Bill had left behind. You can watch our continuing adventures in the web-comic called "Goodbye, Cruel World!" if you like. But enough about Noel, you want to know about me, me, MEEEE, don't you? Okay, okay, calm down - here's me:
Aren't I just the most good-looking cartoon lemming you ever laid eyes on?
Yes, yes I am.
Thank YOU for noticing. (:
I moved away from my hometown of Lemminggrad, eastern Russia, to escape a society that was obsessed with suicide. Well, that's lemmings for you. I was the only one with any sense in that crazy, twisted world to not throw myself off a cliff into the sea. Oh, I tried to save them from themselves; but, heroic and valiant as I was, nobody appreciated my selfless concern for helping others. After emmigrating to the warmer climes of the South Pacific nation of New Zealand, I stumbled upon my cartoonistic genius, which you can now behold today as it marks its brilliance on the world of web-comics.
"The ASCIIs" is essesntially about a family who are composed entirely of ASCII characters
(ASCII = American Standard Code for Information Interchange), and the ASCII-composed world in which they live. They get up to all manner of hilarious and exciting adventures, which is why I added the canned laughter to make it more sitcom-ish; because we all love sitcoms - the highest form of humour. But enough about the web-comic - you want to know about ME, don't you?
 So anyway, I hereby venture forth into the unknown, to become a super-mega-uberstar in the field of web-comics. And maybe, if you're clever, you other budding (or blooming) web cartoonists, you can take a leaf out of my book and learn a thing or two from a super-mega-uber-hyper-ultra-giga-star-to-be like myself. Because I, Leon Lemming, am capturing the essence of web-comics. Adios!

This website ROCKS, yes?
If you have some feedback to offer, like praise to shower me with, or if you have any questions regarding how I create such comic brilliance and if there is any hope for somebody who can't even hold a pencil steady to have even a hundredth of the talent that I possess, then please do not hesitate to send me an e-mail. No matter how ultra-super-astro-famous I shall become in the near future, I will always make the time in my busy schedule to respond to even the lowliest of fanatical minions such as yourself.

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