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Monday, Week Seventeen
23/04/01: If it's your birthday, Happy Birthday!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you are reading "Goodbye, Cruel World!" for the first time, please not that this comic is NOT indicative of the entire comic itself! Please look at the Previous Comic or hit the archives, you'll see that this comic is just a piss-take of web-comics that SUCKTM!
And NO, I don't ever run out of ideas, I just run out of time to draw them.

The answers to last week's "Guess the Sci-Fi References" are as follows:
1: Martian Spaceships from "War of the Worlds" (frame 4, top right corner)
2: Marvin the Martian (frame 6)
3: Martian from "Mars Attacks!", hiding in a canal (frame 7)
4: Arnie ("Quaid", from "Total Recall") removing his disguise, as he did when he got his ass to Mars (frame 6)
5: The Vinyl Goddess from Mars (an ultra-cheesy but excellent platform game) (frame 6)
6: Backdrop = a NASA concept-painting of some Mars mission - probably Viking (frame 8)
7: A poster of the Vinyl Goddess again (frame 10)...
8: ...below it, a poster for the schlock movie called "Teenagers From Outer Space" (if you recognised this one, add two bonus points!)
9: The "Mars Attacks!" poster (frame 10)
All these relate to the final, poignant frame:
10: "Le souffle de Mars" - that's French for "March's souffle", indicating what this month's special is at a local French restaurant. Hee-hee, just kidding, it's really "The Breath of Mars", but "March's souffle" sounds so much funnier that I just had to put it in Noel's Mars memorabilia.
11: "War of the Worlds" poster to the extreme left
12: An "I Want To Believe" poster
13: "Leather Goddesses of Phobos" poster - a text adventure for the Commodore 64 which probably inspired "Vinyl Goddess"
14: A "Get Your Ass To Mars" poster (You didn't get that one, did you?)
15: Another "Mars" computer game poster (extreme right)
16: "Total Recall" poster (mostly hidden)
17: Some kind of "Pathfinder" replica
18: A National Geographic with the heading "Martian Fossils"!
19: A Dr. Who Comic, and other nondescript sci-fi comics
In the music:
20: Sound very similar to the "Star Wars" theme, it does! Hmmyes!
21: BONUS: At the end of the first verse, there's a brief melodic motif stolen from some sci-fi TV series, probably "Stargate" but I just can't remember.

Did you get them all? (Well I should hope not!)


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